For The Troops
We at Hall Communications salute our military forces fighting against the perils of terrorism and tyranny.  Although this isn't a 'support page', we'll post a few articles, pictures and links as they come up in our daily rounds. 
To start off with, we send our best wishes to our area military personel in the 53rd Brigade who will be deployed overseas in the coming months.  That includes members of the 2-116th of Lakeland, the 3-116th of Plant City, A-Battery of Bartow, B-Battery of Dade City, C-Battery of Winter Haven, and Headquarters Support from Haines City.  Thanks for your service...our thoughts are with you. 
One of the best support sites is here. 
Send a music CD to a soldier here. 
Send a treat to the troops here. 
The Pledge Of Allegiance as spoken by Red Skelton.
Here's a very interesting letter from Mitch Perryman, Brigadier General, US Army.
Here's a heartwarming pic you may have see floating around the 'Net:  
A soldier in Iraq tends his lawn grown with gen-u-ine made-in-the-USA grass seeds & dirt

4140 Drane Field Road 
Lakeland, Florida 33811 

The link below is of our trip to the Displaced Person Camp on the West End of Kabul. This mission was a combination medical visit with our aid station, the medical support company, and a food drop:
We used donation money to purchase children's medicine, formula, and basic hygiene kits. The kids, like kids everywhere, were a lot of fun to be around. Of course they know that GI's always bring candy and they were not disappointed. One picture shows me holding a toddler, she walked right up to me and held her arms out and; of course, I had to pick her up and carry her around for a while. 
As I type, we are being whipped by 40 mph winds and lots of dust. The dust is getting everywhere! Other than that the weather has been getting milder. Temperatures have been in the mid '80s during the day and down in the upper 60s at night. 
My Soldiers are all doing well, or at least they say they are. I am going out in a couple of days to visit some of my Soldiers that are deployed in the Southern area. It is still very hot in the South with highs in the 100s. 
I hope all is well with everyone and for those of us with friends affected by Hurricane Katrina, we'll keep them in our prayers. 

LTC Pete Kaye 
Commander TF 2-116th FAR, CJTF PHX IV SECFOR  

Noel Hike from the Lakeland unit (2-116th) checks in from Afghanistan to say 'howdy' to the gang back home
"A couple of pictures of me and my LT at the famed 'Boneyard' -- a lot of
Russian blown up armor is there and the range in the background is known
as GHAR. I will be climbing that mountain within 3 weeks, and yes, I have
increased my physical training!"
"Thanks for your e-mail.  Been to the City of Kabul--VERY INTERESTING--we take the necessary security precautions.  Very hot, getting use to the climate--seen many camels, donkeys. Went to the Olympic stadium yesterday. It is about the size of the Municipal stadium were LHS plays. You remember the scene where a Taliban guard is executing an Afghan woman for 'alleged adultry'. I was at that point in the stadium and many of us soldiers prayed for all the souls of the innocent Afghan people that were murdered by the Taliban! I an glad that I am here so incidents of that magnitude will never happen again!  Thanks for your support and I am attaching a picture of me and my crew -- we are going into a tunnel in Mount Ghar--which we are going to climb in 8 days!  Take care and God Bless you all!"

July 18 

"Good people, 

Hello from windy-dusty-dirty Afghanistan!! 

"I am fine and all of us are now in country! I successfully climbed Mount Ghar, attached are pictures." 

Me with two Danish soldiers about 200 meters from the summit (we are taking a rest. The one in the middle taught me the word "sh*t" in Danish-Denmark)
Me wearing my Riverview Football Coaching Hat on the summit -- look how thin I am getting, I have lost over 12 lbs now. I weighed in this morning after PT just under 201!!
Me and SSG Gonzalez, my right-hand man -- very happy that we made it to the summit -- as you can see!!!
"I want to thank all of you for your support.  Tunie, the pictures on the website are a hit-thank you SOOOOOOO much! I about cried when I seen them-my younger soldiers from Lakeland when they arrived couldn't wait to find me and CPT Davis (Yes, he was promoted and it was about time!) 
I want to just say to the great citizens of Polk County that we are proud to be soldiers in the United States Army, and we are representing Polk County with utmost adherence to Honor-Duty-Country.  The citizens of Polk County will be proud of us!!!  Thanks for all your support! 
And I want to say to my fine friends that I have come to know so very well, thanks for ur thoughts, payers and support.  Believe me when I say that ur support is as important as our mission in Afghanistan!! 
Take Care, 

From Noel's email dated July26: 
Me giving water to the Afghan kids - Great experience
In the City of Kabul - a Mosque
Me, SSG Gonzalez and our interpreter at Olympic Stadium.  This
is were the Taliban tortured and murdered the Afghan people!
Entering the city of Kabul
The Market Place
Afghan workers bringing their goods in the city
Houses in the side of a mountain
A vendor on the side of a street in downtown Kabul

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